Rebuilding a TH-350 & Priming the Cab

Things can slow down during the winter due to the freezing temperatures in the garage but being a glutton for punishment I managed to spend a few weekends rebuilding a TH-350 for the truck. I don't want to get into specifics about how to rebuild a transmission here except to say that given some basic tools, a good reference book, and one of the available rebuilding videos, pretty much anyone can do it.

Here are a couple pictures of the final product ready to bolt in. Besides the normal rebuild kit I added a high quality shift kit (set up for heavy duty use) and a few high performance hard parts, a high performance band and a new set of pump gears. Although this was an old TH-350 it was in pretty good shape overall. Not bad for a $20 swap meet item. I have a new torque converter as well.

Once things warmed up I began stripping the paint off the cab. It had been coated with three different colors of paint over the years but was surprisingly in pretty good shape.

After everything was stripped the cab and doors were sprayed with PPG Omni Epoxy primer.
Now the body work can begin.

Here's a hint of what will be included in a near future update. A complete article on rebuilding an early Hemi. What you see here is the block on the boring machine. Watch for this major update in a couple of months.