Installing A Mustang II Kit Part V

The final step in the kit installation is mounting the spring towers or "top hats". Again, measure twice, clamp in place and measure again before welding.

The spring tower front edge is located slightly forward of the leading edge of the crossmember. Be sure to study your instructions because this measurement may not be the same from one kit manufacturer to another. Also, make sure you mount the "high" side of the spring tower correctly. Different applications may require the high side to be to the rear depending on the shape of the frame. In this case it faces front.

Be sure to weld all contact surfaces. These parts have to withstand a lot of stress.

Don't forget the inside surfaces. You may not be able to reach the inside of the top section but make sure you get the vertical ones.

The kit installation is now complete. All that's left is to bolt on all the stock Mustang II components.

Total elapsed time to install this kit was 6 hours and 5 minutes. This particular installation was a bit more complicated than most and many don't require this much work. The point of this exercise however was to illustrate that almost anyone can install one of these in one day, provided you have the proper tools. Good luck with your installation.

We made it.
Now a look at the finished product.