Installing A Mustang II Kit Part III

The next task is the crossmember itself.
Pay attention to the instructions and make sure it's located properly.

On this particular installation the crossmember is located 18 1/8" behind the centerline of the front spring shackle hole. A straight edge was clamped in place through the center of the hole and a metal yardstick was used to measure back from that location. Measure twice and mark the location on the frame. Then measure again. Before any measuring was done the truck was set up on jack stands so it was level front to rear and side to side. All measuring was done horizontally and vertically based on this layout.

This shows the crossmember in place prior to welding. Some minor grinding may be necessary just like the boxing plates to get it to fit perfectly. Prior to installing the crossmember I laid out the marks for the "C" notches in the frame which will be located a few inches forward of the center of the new crossmember.

It took about an hour and 20 minutes to properly locate, fit and weld the crossmember in place. Be sure to fully weld all of the contact surfaces carefully. We don't want this thing falling off now, do we?

Total elapsed time to this point: 2 hours 20 minutes.
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