Installing A Mustang II Kit Part II

The first task is to install boxing plates. These strengthen the frame and provide a welding surface for the Mustang crossmember.

The boxing plates are fitted into position and clamped in place. Some minor grinding of the plates may be necessary to allow for a perfect fit. The plates on this installation needed to have a little metal removed from the front lower area to fit properly over a small section of the stock front crossmember. Most kits will supply you with a set of comprehensive written instructions which will show where everything goes. Read and follow them to the letter. Always measure twice, clamp in place and measure again before welding. You would be surprised how easily you can make a mistake and you don't want to have to remove a completely welded in piece because it's an inch off.

Total time to fit and weld the boxing plates was just about an hour. A simple flux core Mig welder was used throughout this installation and after all the work was done the welds were ground to improve their appearance. When using a flux core Mig welder it's difficult to lay a pretty bead plus they tend to spatter allot which makes for messy welding. Using gas will produce a much prettier weld but unless you're building a show car it isn't really necessary.

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