How To
Install an open rear end in a 47-54 Chevy Pickup
Part IV

The method I used is by no means the only way to do this project. For me, it was very inexpensive and only took a weekend to do. If you don't count the cost of the rear end (which you would have no matter what suspension you chose to use) the cost amounted to a total of $50. Hard to beat that.

Back on its own set of wheels once again. Later a 1"x 2" steel crossmember will be added with brackets for mounting standard full size Chevy pickup shocks.


After temporarily mounting the bed on the frame I noticed it sat a little high for my purposes. It will be a street rod of sorts so ride height really needs to be significantly lower than stock. I used heavy duty Caravan springs with 5 leafs because this truck will see some towing duties later and with these it sits about 2-3" lower than stock. The 5 leaf sets are rare and probably came off a Chrysler minivan because most Dodges came with 3 or 4 leafs and they naturally sit lower on these trucks.

The solution for me was to relocate the upper rear shackle pivot point to just under the top of the frame. I had to make new shackles but it lowered the rear ride height 4". I also installed the trailer hitch. The class III hitch was designed for a Ford Explorer and was modified to double as a very strong rear crossmember. Check the button below to see the pictures showing the lowered suspension was and the hitch installation.

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