How To
Install an open rear end in a 47-54 Chevy Pickup
Part III

All brackets were made from 3 1/6" steel plate and all welding was done with a mig welder using flux core wire. No cosmic tools here.

Before locating the front bracket on the frame the pinion angle was set at a preliminary 3 degrees. This located the front spring mounts about 1/2" up the side of the frame. (Because the stock spring sadles were used it was easier to rotate the spring mounting to set the pinion angle than use shims. Since the motor and trans haven't been mounted yet they can be tuned to match the final pinion angle. This is a bit backwards from the way it's normally done but in this case it works well.) The front bracket is a simple piece of flat sheet stock welded to the frame. Three gussets were added for strength because this bracket supports the rear of the vehicle and will take a lot of punishment. Once completed the front hanger simply bolts in place just like it did on the Caravan. As you can see when using a flux core wire welder its difficult to get pretty welds. A little grinding later will make them look a lot better, even though they will be hidden when the bed and running boards are installed.

The rear spring hanger was mounted by drilling out a rivet for the rear crossmember and using the hole to bolt through to the hanger's rear mounting hole. Simple and easy. This method positivly locates the springs in the correct position.

On the outside of the frame rail a small bracket was made and welded in positon. This allows the front of the hanger to be firmly mounted to the frame.

On the inside, a hole was drilled in the bottom of the frame for the third and final hanger bolt. The entire system now bolts in place just as it did on the Caravan. This makes a simple and clean installation.