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Casper, my '64 Dodge Polara is finally finished. This build has taken quite a while and rightly so. When I purchased this car it was from the original owner. It was originally delivered to a dealership in Atlanta and spent it's entire life in Huntsville, Alabama until I purchased it. The car was in running condition except it had no brakes. After getting it home and inspecting it closely I found it had other minor problems which were not really that bad, but when you put them all together it convinced me to do a complete restoration rather than just a superficial "get it running and on the road" kind of thing. So, I decided to do a complete rotisserie rebuild including swapping the tired old 383 out for a fresh 440.

I can truthfully say that other than the engine machine work, no one but me touched this car from the time it rolled into my garage until it went on it's first cruise. That's not to say that my wife didn't assist when I needed more than two hands, she certainly did... as she always does. The point is that no professional had anything to do with this build. I did all the mechanical work, including engine assembly, drive-line work and literally everything else. The Interior was designed and stitched by me (there's a first time for everything), and the paint was done outside in my carport. The overall theme of a 2nd day 426 Street Wedge recreation did not change but some custom touches were added here and there. If you're not familiar with the term 2nd day, it represents what someone might have added to the car a few days or weeks after purchasing it new. Items such as headers, an aftermarket intake, tac etc. So, although it isn't bone stock it is a fair representation of what someone might have done to a brand new 1964 Polara back in the day.

Getting Started

Finishing the 440

Making a Custom Street Wedge Air Cleaner

Disassembling the Body

Patching the Floors

Subframe Connectors and Rotisserie

Removing 52 Year Old Undercoating

Repairing Rust and Other Important Stuff

Initial Body Work

Undercoating and some Interior Work

Gas Tank and Rear Suspension Installation

Painting the Engine Compartment and Wheels

Assembling the Engine and Trans as a Unit

Engine/Trans and Master Cylinder Installation

Front Suspension, Brakes, and small fixes

Exhaust System

Doors, AC, and Fenders

Finishing the AC Installation

A Change of Direction

Completed Dash

Installing the Dash an Other Stuff

Wiring, Wiring, and more Wiring

Restoring a 54 Year Old Steering Wheel

Headliner and Glass Installation

Cooling System Installation

Breathing life into the 440

Back to Work

The Tail of Three Carburetors

Something's Not Right

Bodywork and Final Primer

Interior.... Where No Man Has Gone Before

Interior.... Part Deux

Interior.... Part Deux - Part Deux

Interior.... A Never Ending Exercise in Learning New Skills.

Interior.... The Final Chapter.

Paint Part One.

Paint Part Deux.


Modern Drums for Tapered Axle Rear Ends

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