Painting the Cab

I took some time before assembling the hemi to paint the cab. When I built the 41 I found that I had to remvoe the engine to paint the firewall and I decided I didn't want that hastle with the truck. Since winter is getting close I decided to paint now while the temperatures are still warm enough rather than waiting unitl next spring. What you see in these photos is the finished product. The color is 1969 Dodge Hemi Orange (PPG Omni Acrylic Urethane single stage)

Note the Mazda Miata door handles have been installed. Look in the '53 Truck section for the installation procedure.

The heavily modified dash came out well with provisions for 6 gauges. The hole closest to the camera is for an air conditioning duct.

The glove compartment was moved three inches to the left to make room for the passengers air conditioning duct. Each time I build a new rod I like to keep some small part from the original dash. In this case it was the glove box door.

I am impressed with this paint line. It is inexpensive but still covers well and has a really nice shine.

The rear of the cab looks pretty good considering I had to replace a 2'X 3' section in the lower center.

Another look at the back of the cab and my bodywork. I must be getting better, either that or I got very lucky. The reflection you see is my wife's Hemi Ram.

I promise to get to work assembling the hemi now. Look for another update in early January.