Making Mufflers

One of the things I knew would be needed from the beginning (when I decided to make custom headers) was a custom set of mufflers.

Because I'm not running an under chassis exhaust I naturally need mufflers that will fit inside my 20" turnouts. There are, of course, none commercially available so the solution is to build my own.

Did you ever wonder what's inside your glasspack mufflers? Well here you have it. I've had this set of 18" inexpensive glasspacks sitting around the shop for a couple years. This set is perfect for this experiment so I hooked up the 'ol cutoff saw and went to work. With the mufflers apart I shortened the inner tubes to 11" which is the maximum that I can fit inside the turnouts. Seems kinda short but in actuality this only shortened the muffler portion about 4".

Next I made four ends which fit snuggly into the header collectors and the turn-outs and welded them to the inner pipes.

The inner lip is about an inch in depth. This was done so the glass material can tuck under the lip, which will help hold it in place.

Here are the finished mufflers with the glass sound deadening material in place.

The mufflers fit entirely inside the turnouts and the front also slides inside the header collector.

Looking up the exhaust end of the turnouts you can see how the muffler slides all the way in right to the spot where the turnout starts to bend.

The whole assembly is held in place by a single screw. To remove the mufflers all that is needed is to pull the turn-out off and remove this screw.

The headers and turnouts were then bolted in place. Jet Hot did a great job coating these and they look very nice even though my welding is a bit less than perfect. This is a good thing since when people look at them they will know I didn't just buy a set and throw them on.

Here's a shot showing the muffler/turn-out installed.

And of course the obligatory drivers side shot. These pictures make them look better than they really are. There are areas where my amateur welding shows big time, however.... if someone doesn't like it that's just too damn bad.

Next I'll be working on an overhead hoist so I can easily install and remove the body. Once that's completed I'll be starting some of the metal reinforcement needed to strengthen the glass body.

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