I built a temporary paint booth inside my garage mainly because I'm too cheap to rent one.
It was constructed using 1x3's and 2x2's with 6 mil plastic walls floor to ceiling with two 7'x 6'
doors in front and one 3' door in the rear. The walls are sealed to the ceiling and floor with duct
tape. This system seemed to work very well.

This shot was taken just inside the rear door of the temporary paint booth.
I have almost 4 feet of clearance all the way around the car.

Although this shot doen't show the booth very well, you can see
that the vents in the hood have been filled as well as the bumper bracket cutouts.

If you look at the top of this shot you can see the three fans that keep the booth pressurized.
There is one fan that sucks the air out located up by the front of the car when the doors are closed.

A somewhat better view of the fans. When the color coats are sprayed
the fans will have filters on them to keep out unwanted dust.

This is a pretty poor shot but shows the booth dimentions better
than the others. The low ceiling in the front of the booth is to clear the
garage door.The height goes up to 10' just before the windshield area.

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