May Update

The Truck Chassis is Finished

Here is two shots of the finished frame. It was completely disasembled, cleaned, and sprayed with POR-15. It should never rust again. All suspension components were brushed with POR-15.

The next three pictures show how the brake lines were routed. The emergency brake cables have been installed as well.

The next two pictures show the home made 20 gallon fuel tank installation and the routing of the fuel line, filter and electric pump installation.

Although it may look like the fuel line is routed close to the tire there is actually several inches clearance. The line is actually centered over the spring as it curves around the shock. Note the bracket mounted to the frame, which holds the flexible fuel line in position. The line is supported through a rubber grommet in the bracket. The flexible lines are braded stainless steel while the hard fuel line (from the pump to the front of the frame) is 3/8" aluminum line.