Out with the old.

MGB's were produced starting in the mid 1960's. Unfortunately government emissions and safety regulations finally made it impossible for MG's to be sold in the US. 1980 was the final year. Here is what I found at an auction for $450. A friend helped me haul it home and it waited patiently outside the garage while I finished the paint on the C-5 Corvette. With the Vette done it's now time to get to work on my latest, and FINAL project. I say final simply because I'm 73 and by the time this project is done, I'm not going to have the energy or stamina to take on another major project. So, I'll busy myself with tinkering on the finished projects I still have sitting in the garage, mainly the C-5, Dodge Polara, and the Super B once it's done.

Here is the car sitting outside waiting for me to finish the C-5. Everything essential is there.

And from the back....

This is a 1977 which means it's a rubber bumper car. It has the rather large and ugly rubber bumpers. I'm undecided on whether to keep them or not. Chances are they'll go away though. Once I moved the car inside the garage I put it up on stands in preparation for removing the engine and trans. As you can see I don't have a lot of room to work with the corvette taking up one side. But I'll make do as best as I can. When I need more space I'll just back the Vette outside for the day.

Here's the tiny four banger and massive overdrive trans that powered this little thing. It took about 3 hours to remove this assembly from the car. The Brits don't make anything easy except to say that all the fasteners are Imperial which means none of the nuts and bolts are metric. Yay!

With the engine and trans gone I'll start the disassembly of the rest of the car. All that's really left is the differential, front and rear suspension, fenders, doors and trunk lid... I mean boot lid, for those who speak British.

There are a few spots that will need some rust repair but they are small and in the typical places for this car. Mainly small holes in the floor. Most of the floor is in good shape and the lower fenders and rockers are in great shape.

That's about it for this update. I'll be working on the disassembly process and hopefully it will be all apart for next time.

Check back often for more updates...

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