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I'm finally back to work on the Polara. After getting the car running I promised my better half that I would build her an entertainment center. This is something she's been wanting for years so.... it was time. Building an 11 feet by 7 feet solid Oak entertainment center is a lot of work and did take some time to complete, but its done. Here's a pic.. as Moses parts the red sea.

With that done I had every intention of getting right back to work but wound up sidelined with some minor surgery. Next I had to spend extra time helping the car club I belong to prepare for their annual Veteran's Day car show downtown. It's a big deal and takes over 100 volunteers to run and 10 months of planning. This year the count was down slightly due to cold temperatures but we still managed to raise over $30,000.00 for Veteran's charities and the annual scholarships we give out to local high school students who will be continuing their education in the automotive field.

Now that all that is over.... I'm back to work!

The first thing I did was install a custom made overflow tank for the radiator. I made this for my '32 Ford 3 window coupe and used it for about a year before I switched from roadster headers to block huggers. It would not fit with the latter headers so I just removed it and stuck it away on a shelf. I found however that it fit in the only space I had available on the Polara and will work just fine.

It's made from a piece of 3 1/2" exhaust pipe that was partially flattened in a vice. Ends were cut from stock and brake lines serve to allow any fluid to enter and if needed overflow to the ground. It also has a chrome cap pirated from an old chrome cylinder type radiator overflow. I'll pick up some rubber tubing the next time I'm in town to finish this part off.

From here the next big job will be finish body work. The picture below shows the passenger's front fender after some minor patching had been done. This is a replacement fender and it had some issues around the lip. Since I had the original fender which had a good lip (but was damaged beyond repair in another area) I cut that section out and welded it in place of the bad section on this one. This work was done in July last year and I refer to this type work as rough body work.

The next step is finish body work. This consists of using filler to get the surface ready for primer. That's what has been done here. A skim coat over the welds and some minor hammer and dolly work makes the surface nearly perfect and ready for filler/primer.

The next work done on this fender will be what I call final body work. Basically that is just final sanding in preparation for finish paint. There are several minor dents and small areas here and there on the rest of the car that need massaging before I can spray filler/primer and move on to final sanding. Not to mention the hood and deck lid. All that will come over the next couple updates.

That's about it for this update. The next project will be the hood. I need to cut the hole, install the scoop and.... I'd like to get the underside painted. If everything goes well I may even get it installed for next time.

Check back often for more updates...

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