Exhaust System

We are now getting into the part of the build that takes time and not a lot of progress is shown. The exhaust system fits right into that category.

When installing an exhaust system on one of these old Mopars you have a couple options. There are vendors out there such as Accurate Exhaust which can supply excellent quality stock replacement pipes and mufflers but these are quite honestly quite expensive. Another option is to order replacement pipes from places like Summit Racing or Jegs. I chose the latter.

My order at Summit racing included tail pipes, intermediate pipes and a set of mufflers. This along with a couple 4' sections of straight pipe should have been enough to complete the entire system. Unfortunately it was not.

The bug-a-boo in the system was the intermediate pipes. The ones I ordered were made by Magnaflow and were supposed to fit a 1964 Dodge Polara with B/RB big blocks. When they arrived I did a test fit and they were not even close. The pipes were at least 6 inches short and could not reach the stock exhaust manifolds. I don't know what Magnaflow was thinking but these pipes were not made to fit this car.

So... I contacted Summit Racing and they took the intermediate pipes back without question. I then ordered an assortment of bends which would allow me to fabricate pipes that would fit. This took almost two weeks to get ironed out so hence the lack of progress.

All that said.. the exhaust system is now complete. I'm not going to get into detail of how the cuts were made and welds were done but suffice to say, it was a bit of work. Especially for someone in their upper 60's. I estimate I crawled under that car and back out again at least 50 times and I for one am glad this job is done.

The intermediate pipes offered a couple challenges in negotiating around some of the obstacles that were in the way. Here you can see the driver's side had to go between the torsion boar and the clutch linkage. I have about an inch clearance on both sides which should be more than adequate.

The passenger's side was much easier since there was really nothing in the way.

Here is a shot of the complete system installed. This car originally had a 383 with dual exhaust so I already had all the required hangers. The main difference is that the stock pipe diameter was 1 3/4" and this would not work for the 440 thats in it now. So all the pipes you see from the exhaust manifolds back are 2 1/2".

This shot is from the rear. You can see I added an "H" pipe that will hopefully help scavenging and may reduce drone a bit. The mufflers are Cherry Bomb Turbos and given their size may be a bit louder than I want. But since the exhaust goes all the way to the rear bumpers this may not be an issue. If it is, there is room to install a couple resonators aft of the axle if needed.

Above you can see the stock pipe ends. Unfortunately, the pipes I ordered from Summit were straight pipes. Meaning they exit below the rear bumper and direct the exhaust straight back. This is OK but I wanted the system to look stock so I made up a couple ends that emulate the stock look.

It didn't take a whole lot of work but it was time well spent. These ends do look much more like stock.

Once the rear bumper is installed these will stick just a little below it and let everyone know this is definitely not your grandma's Dodge.

There you have it.... A job that should have taken a week wound up taking almost a full month. That said, I did manage to finish up a couple other little things while waiting for parts to arrive.

Because I'm using a high rise intake manifold I found the stock throttle linkage was about an inch too short. Rather than replace it with a $50+ aftermarket piece, I decided to replace the cable with a longer one so I could continue to use the stock support bracket and cable ends.

Now the cable extends all the way and connects to the AVS carb easily.

The job was finished by hooking up the stock throttle mechanism along with the brake and clutch pedals. You may have also noticed in the pics from underneath the car is that the emergency brakes are also completely hooked up and working... thanks to a new front cable from Classic Industries.

Finally I need to show off the wheel covers my wife made to help keep the tires and wheels from getting any overspray or dirt on them. Happy wife, happy life. Next I'll be finishing the air shock lines and starting work on the AC system.

That's it for this month.....check back often for more updates...

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