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February 3rd, 2018

You may have noticed the new logo, or should I say logos on the main page. Well, this was done for a reason. The 1932 Ford was sold to a fellow clu,b member who is a Corvette collector. With this car gone I now have no Hemis left so it seemed appropriate to remove that logo. Anyway, part of the sale included a 1999 C5 Corvette FRC (Fixed Roof Coupe) out of his collection.

This Vette needs a lot of cosmetic TLC but is a very good running car. While I'm not working on the Dodge project, I'll be providing the TLC this little Vette needs.

If you've frequented this site you already know that although Mopars are my first love, I also love pretty much anything that has wheels and a motor. This is my 3rd Corvette and I average one every 20 years or so. My first was a '66 427 Fastback I purchased in 1971. My second was an '81 Mirrored "T" Top Stingray that I purchased in 1993. This C5 is by far the best all around Corvette I've ever owned and I'm looking forward to taking it on road trips to shows that are farther away than I would care to drive the Dodge.

I'll be creating a page for this car and I'll post more pictures when its time for the next update. Meanwhile, the latest update on the Dodge can be accessed by the link below.

For the complete story please check it out using the link on the left side of the page under Current Stuff.

For the latest update check the link below.

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