Preparing for a Color Change

Work in the winter is kind of slow, especially when you're talking about paint. That said, it finally warmed up enough to allow some preliminary painting to be accomplished.

The underside of the hood was painted using TCP Global Urethane base coat "Firemist Red". This will be the new color. At the same time the headlight doors were removed and the jam work was done as well as the jam work inside the hood area.

The Jam work under the hood was done at the same time.

Once the paint was dry the hood was reinstalled on the car. Many thanks to my wife for her assistance in this job. And finally you can see how the scoop looks on the car. It's not the ordinary cowl induction scoop you see on a lot of C-5s, instead it's a solute to Corvette's heritage and one of my favorite year Stingrays.

Next I removed the driver's side door. These doors are rather large and bulky. Not that heavy but a little hard to handle. So I decided to convert my floor jack into a door carrier. A piece of plywood was used as a base and different thickness 2x4s were used to fit and support the underside of the doors. This keeps the doors from moving and it just takes one person to move the jack and one to stabilize the door as it's being moved. The wood was covered with a felt material so the door won't be scratched or damaged both when taken off but more importantly when it's put back on with the new paint. The entire thing swivals in all directions which makes it easy to move the door in tight spaces like my shed. This little tool worked very well.

Once the weatherstripping was removed the jams were painted both on the car and the door itself.

That's it for this update. I'll be working on the other door and deck lid next. Check back often for updates.

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