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This section will be a bit different than the rest of this website. By this I mean there will be no "how I did it" explanations. There are enough Corvette forums around the net that anyone can find whatever they need to know when it comes to how to do something to their Corvette. Another one is hardly needed.

What I will do here is explain what I intend to do to this car and why. So... I might just as well get started.

A little history first. This is not my first Corvette. In fact its my 3rd. My history with these cars goes back to 1971 when I purchased my first one. A metallic blue '66 427 4 speed fastback. My second was purchased in the '90's and was an '81 T Top. I owned both these cars for a few years and then, due to life circumstances they were sold and I moved on. This C-5 will be going nowhere since it is my intention to pass this car on to my son someday.

OK, what is it exactly and how did I come to own this car? It is a pretty rare Corvette actually. This is what is referred to as a FRC or Fixed Roof Coupe. These were made in 1999 and 2000 and only a tick over 6000 were built over both years. This one is a 1999 and its Pewter so it is one of about 1000 built. The FRC went on to become the Z-06 model in 2001. How did I come to own this one? Well a few years ago when we moved to Texas a friend stored my Deuce in his garage while we were building our house. He had interest in the car from the first time he saw it so when it came time to sell, naturally I gave him first chance. He is also a Corvette collector and since the Deuce is worth more than a 19 year old Corvette, we worked out a trade + cash deal that was acceptable to both of us, and I drove the Corvette home. That left him with an even dozen Corvettes sitting in his garage.

So much for how I came across this little gem. Now a little history. This Corvette has been around. Its had several owners and it has never been a garage queen. Hence the 162,000 miles on the odometer. Mechanically its in OK condition. There is an issue with the HVAC system and the shifter is not the world's greatest but other than that it seems to run just fine. Since it's LS powered so I would expect another 100K miles before the engine needs to be replaced, given proper maintenance of course.

Cosmetics, on the other hand are another story. Besides being a collector the previous owner is also into project cars and this was one of his projects. It came to him with minor collision damage which required some new suspension parts and a little paint work. After the suspension parts were replaced he decided to paint the entire car. Then just like what happens to many of us, another project came along and this one was put on the back burner.... where it stayed for almost two years.

So what's the plan. In a nut shell its to get this car into perfect running condition and upgrade the cosmetics so it looks new again.

If you look at the picture above and compare it to the picture below you can see the first thing I did was to align the headlight doors so they are flush. Simple job and makes a big difference in appearance. I also removed most of the over spray from the front air dams. I'll need to jack it up to get the rest removed but that is a job for another day.... after I purchase a low profile jack.

One of the very few aftermarket parts on this car is the Borla Stinger cat back exhaust system. Stock, C-5 Corvettes have a quad tip exhaust. This one has two 4" tips and the sweetest sound you ever heard comes out of those to pipes. One of the previous owners spent almost a grand on this system and it was worth it.

The interior is in good condition with the exception of the driver's seat which needs to be repaired. I'll most likely replace the upholstery on both seats when the time comes.

I've already cleaned and detailed the interior and the next project will be to clean and detail the engine compartment. It has been a long time since this one has been properly cleaned.

I told you this car has an aftermarket exhaust, but it also has an aftermarket cold air intake as well. This one of those high flow units similar to K&N that has a permanent filter that can be washed and re-oiled when needed.

I have done some minor work (aligning the headlight doors)as mentioned earlier, however I've also taken the time to find and install new center caps on the wheels AND replaced the low beam headlight bulbs with LED units.

Ask any C-5 owner and they'll tell you the headlights suck on this model. Not so much the bright lights but the low beams leave a lot to be desired. I changed out the old halogen bulbs for new LEDs and these made a BIG difference. I didn't go for the "top of the line" bulbs because eventually I want to move up to projector lenses but for a quick $50 you can greatly improve your night time visibility with a set of these.

Below are the old yellow halogen brights and you can definitely tell the difference.

Finally the paint. The previous owner sprayed the whole car with BC/CC but never took the time to cut and buff. That coupled with sitting outside for a couple years, even though it was under a car port, has led to some serious paint damage. My plan is to scuff the entire car and repaint it the same color, which is Pewter metallic. I will add some custom paint touches but we'll leave that till later. This won't happen for a year or two because, as you all know....I have a '64 Dodge to finish first.

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