Viewed from the passenger's side most of the mechanism's workings are visible.
The cross member is welded to 3/16" steel brackets that are inturn bolted to the front fenders and lower front valance. Internal bracing is welded to the brackets and bolted to the hood /fenders to strengthen the entire assembly. Something to note here are the brackets welded to the crossmember that are bolted to the rod ends. (3/4" rod ends were used as the bearings for the tilt system. They are strong, adjustable and the entire mechanism can taken off the car by removing just three bolts. The actuator mounting and the two rod ends.) The rod ends are mounted to brackets welded to the frame. The actual pivot point is 6" below the crossmember. This was done to keep the nose from hitting the pavement when the front end is extended. Clearance is a little over 4".